Tools for Fundraising

Want to help raise money for our great cause? Download our Fundraising Pack below!

We are always looking for volunteer, community fundraisers to help us to achieve our goals. Why not organise an event, small or large, a one off or annually, and at the same time help build awareness of what Warning Zone is all about?

All donations and contributions are greatly appreciated and go towards our mission of saving children's' lives by reducing the risk of accidental injury or death. See our Vision and Mission page.

All fundraisers will receive as much support as possible from the staff at the charity. Please contact us if you are in need of any advice when organising or executing your event. Our Corporate and Community Fundraiser is Mary Morgan.

Our Fundraising Pack will get you started...

Our Fundraising Pack includes: A Letter to the Fundraiser, Fundraising Guidelines, Ideas for Fundraising, Your Community Fundraising Plan, A Sponsorship Form, Money Tracking Form, and Posters for you to use.

Download our Fundraising Pack