Booking & Costs

Booking & Costs

Provisional Bookings to be made by calling Anne (Administrator) or Anna (Schools & Engagement Co-ordinator) on 0116 262 9739.
We only offer full-day sessions, covering the original Zones 1-8 and the new Internet Safety Zone – the full day starts at 09.45 (so please arrive by 09.30) and finishes at approximately 14.30.
Admission costs for pupils is currently £10.00 per child. This is a subsidised fee. On contact, Anne will send a booking form. To confirm your booking, please return the completed form along with a cheque of £90.00 per session (made payable to Warning Zone Ltd.) to act as a deposit. Provisional bookings not confirmed within 10 days will be cancelled and the date will become available for other schools to book. We do ask that to avoid confusion, completed booking forms are only sent in once your date(s) have been confirmed as available.
On receipt of your completed booking form, written confirmation of your booking along with a receipt for the deposit will be sent to you.
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As there may be a substantial gap between making your booking and actually attending Warning Zone, we will contact you approximately two weeks before your visit date to confirm details and to check the number of pupils attending. We do ask that if you become aware of your numbers changing significantly to notify us as soon as possible to ensure that we are able to meet your changing needs in the most effective way.
On arrival at Warning Zone you will be met by a member of staff who will act as ‘Visit Manager’ for the duration of your visit. You will be asked to verify and sign off the actual number of pupils attending alongside any emotional / social needs of the pupils to ensure any additional needs are met. Please note: these numbers will be used to determine your final invoice total (minus your deposit). If your numbers on the day are below the minimum number of 15, in line with our minimum charge policy of £90.00 per session, no refund will be given.
Please refer to our Booking Policy below for full Terms and Conditions.
Please Note: In the academic year 2015-2016, the admission cost was increased to £10 per pupil as the visit is now a full day to incorporate the hugely popular and much needed e-Safety Zone.

The actual cost to the charity of one pupil attending our full school day averages £20.00 (based on 9,000 pupils in the current academic year). Warning Zone subsidises school visits with donations from Grants, Trusts, Local Businesses, Rotary Groups and others in the local community.

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