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Working with the Foxes

Posted: 9th May 2016.

Sunday 24th April was Warning Zone's Awareness Day with the LCFC Foxes Foundation.

As on the the Foxes Foundation Charity of the Year, Warning Zone was invited to collect money and raise awareness at the King Power Stadium. 20 staff and volunteers arrived at the stadium over two hours before the match and were issued with collection buckets. As the crowds began arriving the atmosphere gathered momentum and their excitement and generosity poured into our collection buckets!

We hosted a 'Drunk Goal' penalty shoot-out area where the young supporters were invited to take a penalty wearing our famous 'drunk goggles'. This activity became very popular and a queue of people of all ages soon formed.

The drunk goggles are used to demonstrate to children how alcohol can inhibit our senses and can make them unable to complete normal tasks, one of which is their sight becoming blurred. This is just one of the effects of alcohol explained to Year 6 children and other visitors during their visit to Warning Zone.

Carl Clayton of Warning Zone and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service kindly arranged for Red Watch and thier Fire Truck to join us at the stadium. Filbert Fox also enjoyed the fire truck and posed for pictures with young fans.

Pre-match, Richard Grudgings, our Operation Manager, starred on the big screen and explained exactly what Warning Zone is and the impact it has to an audience of 31,000. It also featured some photographs of the zones and the LCFC community group enjoying a visit. Fame at last Mr G!